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ART & THERAPY-Asyla ten Holt


Asyla resides on the Nrd. coast of the island in Bandabou-Curacao (born in Cher Asiel in 1953) and lives now in Tera Cora where she practice with Arts, the Creative Writings and is a free lance certified Massage Therapist/Educator with an overall knowledge in diversity therapy-works included Reiki master/Shiatsu .

In past-time (60’s) Asyla was the only child in family showing interest in the Yoga-techniques during sessions and family-meetings. During her Holland stay (’69-’81) with family, Asyla became interested in Egyptian Stretching Exercises incorporated with Gland and Breathing technique and balanced nutrition (the Mazdanan-practical method for health and spiritual philosophies in Amsterdam). Later on in 1979 she would get interested in Arts-Centrum voor Schone Kunsten-now Academy of VisualArts/Eindhoven.

Not until 1990 after the Holistic part, Asyla’s interests would include ‘Meridian studies’ and so joined the ‘Touch for Health’-center at Hof van Axen in Drenthe-Holland. Also during this time Asyla needed peddling back and forth for the Art studies and finally in 1999 and 2000 visited the Fontys for Conceptual Art included Textile, Performing, Photography and Art History.  She was also student at Art Student League in Manhattan-USA. Asyla lived/worked in Bonaire included Bonaire artist’s community


  Organized exhibition ‘ Artistic Heritage’-Curacao.

Settled again in Curacao she joined the American-Curacao Preparatory school as Art-teacher from 2001 to 2004.

With her Holistic degrees Asyla became free lancer at Piramid Top-Curacao in 2000, and as Certified Massage Therapist at Massage Institute Curacao she joined many resorts in Willemstad and Bandabou.


 Oil painting on canvas 2016

Arts/Craft-classes were given to the youth in Curacao and Bonaire and solo or group-exhibitions of paintings/Gem-jewelries at Galleries, Curacao Museum, World Trade Center, Aruba-Curacao-Bonaire-Barbados-Surinam-Holland and Germany.


     Asyla’s involvement includes Prose writings and Courses. She has booklets-publications and ultimately with received Fund attended in 2012 the Creative writing workshops organized by Callalloo in Rhode Island. Recent reviews are: ’11-‘12 Arts/Culture Ghana through sunglasses and Surinam Carifesta through female artist. In 2014 and 2015 Asyla went back to Surinam for Batik and Sculpture exercises.


    Oil painting on Canvas 2016

Recently through self organize solo exhibits-writing Prose and give courses and becoming acquainted globally, Asyla received an honoree gift award at an event in Dallas-USA organized by L’Expose and ‘Heal the World Mission Inc for being a special person within her community.

More info: Asyla ten Holt-Curacao-CW/Dutch Antilles – +599 9 5268813 ( app): and

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