2019 creative 40 years

Asyla ten Holt, a 66 turned native from Curacao-the Dutch Antilles, is a female soul artist that fully creates in Fine Arts/Photography Textile/Installation and Craft next to Writing and Healing. Coming back from Holland in 1981, a fascination grew to sketch every corner of the ABC islands and taste back her Culture. Through her constant being spotted at sites, the name ‘ E mucha ku ta pinta’ was born. This in native Papiamentu meant for ‘the girl that paints’.                                                              During her 15 years of stay in Holland, Asyla’s last study in 1979 was attending classes at the Visual Art Academy in Eindhoven. She would occasionally return for more diverse studies during 80’s and 90’s included Healing centers like Touch for Health when back to Antilles. An ultimate Conceptual study was in 1999 to 2000 in Tilburg Holland with Dutch Scholarship.                                                                While in the Caribbean, Asyla attended Art Student League ’85 with American society Funds during her years coaching Art Programs in Bonaire and Curacao. During ’80s and ’90s the activities were Art fairs and Exhibits in the Antilles also in Holland and Germany. After the millennium Asyla had specific interest for healing therapies and functioned as body work therapist while offered an Art teacher posision at the Private American-Curacao Preparatory school –‘01 until ‘04.                                                                                        Ayla’s creative method from Still life grew to Surrealistic onto mix media and recycling to self-designing Monographs. Gradually the narrative part grew parallel to the Arts and from rhythmic Poetry the interest turned to Prose with research her surrounding and abroad and so incorporated the healing part. Her messages became metaphoric in style with humoristic approach.    40 years in a span as a Creative and now a senior meant not quitting but a continuing be seen as Asyla Holt.                                                                   Her daily life importance is working on awareness projects using recycling subjects in Installations and Prose writing where the activities grew outdoors publishing and exchange in In-residence with Arts Cultural topics. Ghana and Surinam are visiting sites and from where Essays came forth illustrating researches on social, traditional and Arts Writing. This customary dynamism of her characteristic is found during a founder of Funark in ‘89, a nonprofit foundation where she interviewed Artists and coaching groups to help give a lift up in society in proceeding Arts- Culture. And since her trips to Barbados Gift and Craft shows from ’05 to ‘08, Asyla started benefitting from a new style approach with Textile designing and Monographs. These discoveries including Ghana batik years later became at same length discovery of working in the diaspora and encourage the narrative to change and attend the Renaissances’ Creative Writing style with Callaloo studies in 2012 in Rhode Islands.   Her inner instinct evolved in Arts/Prose and healing subjects and merged together with designed Installation.                                                                                                                                                            Other activities are stretching, reading, writing, music and blogging while her Projects are to be realized with Funds.                                                                                    Summarized exhibits from the start are with Gallery Alma Blou (Jewelries&Fairs) De Snip (Arts), Bloemhof (Photographs/Fairs) to Art works in ’97 in Sonesta- Dive Lions Hotel and Arts University-’98- in Curacao Museum Solo Arts 2004 and 2013 group – World Trade Center 2001 and 2015 and Art-Duo at National Library 2016 .  Bonaire Youth Center 80’s and Bonaire Art Gallery ‘97- Bonaire Kas di Arte 2009 and Coaching programs.- Groups exhibit on ABC -islands 2012-2013. Arts at Gallery Bremmer in Tilburg ‘91- Werkstatt Bremen and Berlin 97′ and Antillean House The Hague.                           Launching Programs Book and Monographs 2017 Surinam, Bonaire (with group) and The Hague/Holland. 2018 Trade show in Curacao Hilton for recycling attitude with Installation. 2019 Landhouse Collages Klein Sta.Martha  and Livingstone Resort Jan Thiel.                                                                   More info’s are on http://www.asylatenholt.com (revised until 2012) and recent website http://www.asylaholt.com. Blogsite: https://bandabow.wordpress.com/author/asyltje/.                                                                          Also https://linkedin.com/in/asyla-ten-holt-37a7356/ and http://www.facebook.com/asyltje  
Funark info :https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gebruiker:Funark  
Local site: http://www.iammadein.com/global/directory/1418/my-art-world-funark                                             Asyla ten Holt with mailing address: atenholt002@gmail.com 


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