Stretching and breathing

Everywhere you’d go, people called you the sunshine because they would see something shining in you. A good mood maybe? Courageous, lifted up? Glowing? It’s a fact that it will glow and shine on you because you are concentrating on your body, mind and spirit. Well, doing exercise or in love maybe? But then suddenly you can be in danger as well. Because fact is otherwise, life can be as naughty as dwelling in a dark night intoxicating wrong habits. And nightingale must boost up you again ten thousand times later with rosary prayers guide to discourage going to bad ways.. But creepy persons are around and how would you go and protect yourself and suddenly misunderstand and interpret situations you suddenly can’t figure out any more. Sorrow becomes your worst enemy and you can’t hide it so it will sound like becoming pitiful and you have a life time ahead of you still to endure. You have to figure it out by yourself at certain moment. But gladly there are ample good solutions. With all the studies and self-realization you can structure your life- at least try out something that comforts gradually.

And that’s the easy technique starting with using your breath to release stress and cultivate a self-constructive mind and be reliant in everything you do. The technique of the breathing system can be practised while included exercising, loving a person, eating your breakfast, sitting still, and so on.

Many times in my life I’ve met people during the practice of bodyworks being therapist and having short conversations where one way or other the breathing system comes to attention.. Since noticing a big gap in its knowledge not practicing it, I introduced sessions with stretching and breathing.. Getting easy instruccion and importance of breathing is absent therefor needs a lot of attention. With loving the practical side in holistic therapies as a certified in bodyworks, even though I have enough of it, I’d still look for more information to skill myself more. On many occasion the breathing introduction- as widely and in diverse ways – was being explored since involved with it from on 60’s. A close Hindu Yogi family friend at home came every time he visited Curacao. My father was involved with their families’ meditation sessions of Yoga and my mother did exercises to strengthen her breathing system since then. From the four children I was the one curious to know what was happening on the floor while practicing stretching movements. That’s where the interest started developing. While in Holland end of 60’s starting 70’s I picked up more on self-realization exercises from different studies in Eindhoven and every aspects to do with holistically improvements. Meditations and balancing the diet came more to the foreground until later in 70’s I started making acquaintance with organizations called ‘Onze wereld’ and involved myself with Dutch student groups living on Community farms that introduced biological growth and macrobiotic food and recipe. I also learned how they were paying attention to farms in Latin America where exploitation and badly payed farmers were being attended.. So in Holland those days, trusting organizations were selling their products like Guatemalan Coffee and provided direct contaxt for better treeatment or demanded more attention to the farmers landowners that were being exploited by rich capitalism. I never knew what was going on when in my own country, an island above Venezuela until in Holland I became more aware of pressure and harm being done with humane struggle in LA.

Proceeding on my path, I came to one particular organization I blindly believed in. It concerned the interest for secretion system – most of all the gland system and breathing techniques from old Egyptian practices introduced by Dr. Zar-Adusht Hanish- founder of a religious movement ‘Mazdaznan’- these were practised since pharaoh time. I’d follow these as health revival system and integrated my former and further practices including Yoga, Reiki, Shiatzu and other bio energy systems in one integrated program. A personal rhythmical stretch and breathing system came out of these.. It concerned an overall self-realization method starting with yourself and on long run with others to connect. The big apple conclude tasting the behavioral attitude everyone needs to confront with and change own bad habits.. First place was how you release your breath at all times than change diet and ultimate become self-aware spiritually,

Finally with tasting another skill- the Visual Arts/Photography and Textile studies in Holland put under my feathers, I still felt I wasn’t ready with the healing part and looked for more holistic endeavors. In the 80’s I found ‘Touch for Health’ and Muscle testing while on and off to Holland from Curacao and Bonaire. Kinesiology was somewhat including in my-study. The practical way going around with these fitted well until I had to practice on the Arts on the islands, because alternative healing had few interest those days., So surviving became turn to the Arts profession. Halfway 90’s the ‘giving light’ method came into my world unexpectedly. First Mahikari-practicing in Miami- a Japanese healing practice resolving clutter from the inner body. Than through economical situation nearing millenium, I thouht try becoming massage therapist and studied at Massage Institute. Afterwards Reiki -mastering this skill at Piramidtop in Curacao and all was completed. Arts kept me busy though and secondly combining Healing and Arts turned in coaching kids programs next to stretching and breathing in private session.

The youth becomes very important nowadays to visualize upon their intelligence functioning attitude. Especially with technology we ask questions and see bullying attitudes -anger, immorality, undepressed by their own parents and so forth. And introducing therapeutic treatments is a BIG must to materialize to make capacities work in their talents. How to use good breathing at all times for good functioning of attitude and uplifting behavior.

Coming to the Pituitary producing hormone Gland (Hypophysis, it does the most important work for overall health and its task is to regulate each gland hormones and bloodstream. When becoming familiar with gland exercises you develop self-awareness, acceptance and rejuvenation. Career is not only having knowledge to younger people but also capabilities, behaviors and correct judgements.

The Pituitary Gland in the brain, is a small endocrine gland – a tiny structure like a big pea on the side-part of head. It navigates substances and regulate like the thyroid (schildklier) untill even lower parts like estrogen/progesterone produce. That’s why the necessity using good breathing system for this one. Like a washing machine to optimize cleanliness. So also your inner self. Instead swimming to the habit of excessive alcohol and drugs, you can weary away your anxiety by touching the natural structure and come to self-awareness means to be self-aware. Sense the nervous system functioning – become vigilant regarding the in-and outer secretion and master the breathing techniques to realize good functioning of body, mind and spirit. Good advice how to breathe came a long way in different TIMES to the people. The Diaphragmatic breathing system (onderlijf diagram)-Effective breathing for back pains, for depressiveness, toxic exposures, virus , and even for victims after national disaster and also violence.

Breathe and Heal.

To integrate body, mind and spirit we live in scary danger now because of bad social systems in societies and political attitudes. Certain religion believes that Yoga exercises -a simple Eastern pattern in health strategy – is witchcraft. But through (Yogic) stretch and breathing system people have been cured. We live with short breath. Hollow and breathing through the mouth and get sick. Bacteria overrule us, making us to adapt to strong medicine.

Exercise: What to do when confronting argument or aggression if you see that it leads to nowhere. Breathing exercises will do the work while you’re on such discussion. It will help a lot. Through breathe long strokes in and out will bring your mind on a level up awareness. The nervous system will come to equilibrium through pay attention to your breathing. It will canalize in accordance to the trigger follow-up of the hypophysis in the brain areas. It’s a kind of web structure to communicate through trigger system and nurses the energy supply to other glands and nervous system like an engine does in a car sending the fuel through electrical currents to get to drive. First attention goes to the brain structure for mindful awareness and then to feed other parts like thymus gland (bortbeen), gland at solar plexus, sex gland, adrenal gland (bijnier) these principle ones. Our enduring life depends on good functioning of the gland system- distributing and interacting. to prevent having bad moods, chronical illness, like shivers and rheumatism and even severe sicknesses. Old age symptoms can be controlled only by deep breathing and with rhythmic measuring exercises./. The magnetic fluid in nerve system will be better controlled.

So with perhaps confronting a harsh boss always think himself super hero, keep the mind calm and do these simple breathing exercises. No one needs to notice what you are doing at particular moment. Stay relaxed but you are vigilant to the conversation that is getting on between the two of you. Breathe in while your shoulders stay relaxed and not strain. Downwards them and a little to the back and let the neck stay released as well. Prevent double chin.. Breathe in through your nose of course and fill your belly button by expanding it a little. Fill it with air un-noticed until let it slowly pass up to fill the lungs as well and expand the lungs somewhat so the air gets everywhere in there. Try calmly and rhythmically count to 7 than breathe out slowly with mouth closed until 7, than again inhale and if you can add up more counts, you go 8 than 9 until maybe 15 to 16 counts, even 20. It depends how good you can hold doing this breathing. Breathe out and easily control the shoulders to stay down and released while the chest stays lifted up and the tummy (belly) goes slowly in (every drop air gets out). After some counts in and out, you approximately inhale and when with exhaling you let the air out through the mouth. When no one is there you can do it a little more harshly, like ahhhh. Train yourself when early morning on the bed, in the shower and so on. SO in meantime confronting a harsh person – you will sense the right answers or questions to give. Because in your rest position you can handle mostly everything. A promptly adequate awareness comes to mind to confront the situation in an appropriate way so you can question reasonably. Soon you’ll see the other person in front of you calm down as well. So keep training and exercising this. Sometimes people get chest pains, not for long. Go on a rhythm and repeatedly. You’ll manage on the long run. And no hurry, but calm. Take your time. Stretch long if suddenly you need to do this after a few minutes when ready.

Asyla ten Holt

For group sessions: atenholt002@gmail.com

See also http://www.facebook.com/aseeltje

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