Plan holiday project in Soto-July 2020-rural area Curaçao

Concern Holiday Plan (Vakantieplan)(Dutch) in Soto-July 2020:
Coaching Project:Asyla ten Holt/Visual Artist/- Coach/Prose writer
Founder of ‘Funark’ Foundation Center/-Tera Korra- rural area Bandabou/Curacao
Promote Arts/Culture (k.v.k.reg. 109393

Dear supporter,
With this I’d like to introduce myself working with kids/adults since 80s in Creativity. I’ve studied in the Netherlands during 60s and 70s until returned to Curaçao in 1981. My families are still in Holland while my passion expressing Arts Culture was to develop with Community Centers in Curaçao to support in Arts expression and lift the self-esteem while give more meaning to diverse Creative techniques within target communities not easily having access to uplift their talents.
Since 2018 I’m occupied with the neighborhoods in Bandabou and voluntarily with few donations I help with other organizations to coach the kids, youngsters after school and elders in Community centers. The development in Soto area and Tera Cora is progressing and through my Funark Foundation together with other group-leaders we function very closely until moments’ ‘holiday plan’ (vacation-plan) that we urge for materials and possible small fee for teachers’ service
The teaching always carries on in the form of Arts therapies, developed since 2000 showing these practices of Conceptual Art to be significant for the growth of children in their learning process in these lower income surroundings that are having little abilities to expand their vision and fantasy world.
Planning structures beforehand is key to develop knowledge and prepare a project to benefit individual growth, self esteem and endurance to finishing object.
This practice is trusted by me, female artist with past academical/universities trainings from the Netherlands, while the coaching groups started in 80s coming back home and afterwards in 90’s/2000’s with institutions like Dept. of Culture, social organizations Reda sosial, Youth centers in Bonaire, while after millennium the private American Preparatory School from 2001 to 2004 as free-lance Art-teacher. Recently I noticed that neighborhoods in Bandabou have little to no Arts Creative exposures except for some sports; still, lacking good sports fields.
Coming July, together with after-school activities-leader group called Ethlyn Merkies Martis, who also organizes with the Elder-group stationed in Soto, we agreed to work together again. Due to financial problems I took responsibility to look for donation for my part coaching creativity. This will be a creative project titled: “Cultural expressions in papier-mache (installation with waste materials) and painting.portraits”. Incorporating prose writing to this project with an exhibition at the end.
The prepared project (vakantie plan) needs tools and extra materials/equipment’s and a fee to give the practices plus beverage. Funds are needed within the changing climate of the new today, while the life-setting in Curaçao has become more poor for these children and youth(elders) in Bandabou Community Neighborhoods.
But as free-lance going about give my support via my Foundation Funark, I’m very positive about change. So material support is greatly required and as a Creative-the teachers’ fee is necessary for transport costs and other obligations.
The Vakantieplan in Soto depends on Creativity. That’s why the required funding is purely necessary. For this reason, I’m approaching you and kindly request for donation of any kind. Hopefully there are Art lovers to the idea supporting low class kids to develop their talents.
My web: click on the link ‘JOIN AND SUPPORT
Mail address: or

Budget :
Material: paint 6x variation a Afl. 18,- = Afl. 108,-
markers different color (packi 12,- x 6 Afl 72,-
brushes 3 different model (4 in pack)a 28- Afl. 84,-
10 medium scissors a Afl. 7,95 Afl 79,50
5 tub glues Collal (large) a afl.19,50 Afl 97,50
School measurements 10x a Afl. 4,25 Afl 45,-
Pencils 20x (4 in pack) x Afl 3,95 Afl 19,75
parce partout (decor) 6 vel a Afl 6,25 Afl 37,50

Teachers’ Fee (Vakantieplan) July:

3 to 6 =25, -an hour/3 hours a 75,x 2 = 150, –
For 4 weeks: Afl 150, -x 4 Afl. 600,-
Total invest Creative Plan Afl 1.143,25 Euro 572 $645

With receiving your donation you’ll be granted with attractive handmade colored creative bookmarks designed by myself. . See below bank account and my mobile WhatsApp is: 059995268813
Much appreciated for support
Asyla ten Holt,

On-line banking: Swiftcode of the bank: MCBKCWCU Maduro & Curiel’s Bank, Plasa Jojo Correa 2-4 Willemstad, Curaçao Account 332208810
Asyla ten Holt- Kaya Piedra Machu 37, Tera Korra, Curacao

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