Arte Kreativo ( art creative)

Funark activities and plan for virtual learning /expectations for 2021 will go with the flow because its necessary.

A start introduction went including an activity program for after school creative learning in Bandabou- held in a rural area in Curaçao, the main island in the Dutch Caribbean.

The unexpected surprise was, that there are kids and also the age of 9 and 10 already devouring the internet. Not whats-app, but stir the online machine searching for tools because their parents teach them.

The right conceptual way is to further light their ways to the videos creatively mastering skills and add to their education step by step original home-creative production as can.

This all comes with deserving to have good equipment and devices that connect between the coach and student. A good camera and computer or laptop, lighting equipment, beamers, etc. are truly the items to the outlook in discussions with the Donors world in harness to obtain creative education for areas where it’s absolutely necessary. The coach is voluntarily present for positive demonstrations if a must.

You are welcome to the caring world by placing your donation.

For a generous amount and gratitude for placing this, plse see below

 On-line banking: Maduro & Curiel’s Bank,                                                                       Plasa Jojo Correa 2-4 Willemstad, Curaçao.                                                                 Swiftcode of the bank: MCBKCWCU                                                                                       My account: 332208810                                                                                              Asyla ten Holt- Kaya Piedra Machu 37, Tera Korra, Curacao

Also check for more info

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