4 decades in Arts, Craft, Coaching, Holistic Therapies and Creative writings is merged now into Funarts Culture In-Residence developed from the non-profit Funark foundation ’89 to Promote Arts&Culture. This is lovely opportunity and hosted by artist Asyla ten Holt, founder of Funark, in Dutch Caribbean – Curacao island – and wonderful Countryside called BandaBou that has a tasteful cool climate and area facilities like the bay sides, views of mountains and exotic lanes’ vegetation, also Cultural Museums, professional artists/musicians and healers. Creatives can involve themselves with Visual Arts/Craft, Creative Writings, Performing Arts. There is ample Garden functioning and research facilities around. Also, spacial work areas and accommodation is offered on site. Choose to be ‘Away from pressure to work privately’ or engage with Sponsoring Campaign, Coaching Youngsters and Adults in challenging agglomerated Community.


Let’s exchange.

Exchange with creative skill and be part in the Cultural exchange and engage in a 2 to 6 weeks In residence project.
We Request Grant for our Activities – invites and attract Visual Artists/Writers – Cultural research-workers, Horticulturists and Performing subjects like prose-speakers – dramatists/puppet-players and crafters,

Registry is in’2020. Apply to Community Projects.and work together in quiet surrounding. Granting possibilities must come from both sides for travel and accommodation. The rest is offer free of charge,
We attract Surinamese diverse group. Furthermore, contacts in the Caribbean-Latin America through Gift and Craft interchange and writing and USA writing group, Also African-Arabian and Asian perform and European overall creative exchanging artists.

The re-living Promote Arts/Culture non-profit Foundation named Funark and founded by Asyla Holt hosting the activities has rebuilt this newly structure to attract local community and outside creatives. Get that chance to explore your ideas in a gentle atmosphere called Dutch Caribbean – CuraƧao, in exquisite countryside called BandaBou.

Contact via email or skype/whats app for more info or

Whatsapp 059995268813

Visit her website and click on link ‘JOIN AND SUPPORT’.