Searching for a flight to Suriname is difficult in summer months.  You will hear the sound ‘All Full’ across the bureau of the Travel agencies including Mao Asam travel agency in Curacao. Yes full, via Miami full, via Trinidad and Tobago full. ‘Let’s try this one- let’s try that’; so much patience! Until finally, hoping gor a call  ‘wait a minute’. There is One Hope. Finally got closer on ‘their line’ (stretched my neck) to one message exalted through the rest of messages above all Full Flight Companies. Then an announcement, without hesitating “The Fly All Ways Surinam Company starts new schedule on the 25th flying Surinam – Curacao/ Curacao- Surinam. Well, Book that than, I thought silently but impatiently. It was my luck one of those days. Who could resist. And this flight starts on my wish for  25th of June. That date is to be remembered. Starting off on this date, after checking in at the airport,  I checked out this new installed clean furniture and special interior secretly – I had no particular claim for the outside look either; was  as good as measurable standard usual size, one will trust upon. Getting on board, the passengers were being guided and seated, all procedures to make sure were intact to  understand ( ahah, uhuh, understandable)  After all hens on deck, precautions and taking off, then high on air, the relaxing moment started.  After us taking care of Head and Feet, we got surprised with colorful packages snacks and beverage. Now longing for and graceful waiting to be in Suriname, there I was flying high in the sly to get there.

A few weeks there having a great time and enjoying my weeks occupying with my Arts obligations and presenting my New release Prose Book in a come together, time had arrived  to fly again with Fly All Ways.  Too soon but true, want to be a little longer in Surinam.  But, time to go HOME now. Much to my surprise a big crowd were standing there, aligned to check in. Who are they, and in this familiar color?  Well, nothing more than youngsters and leaders from the Bonaire Karate Club. They’d visited Surinam for a 3 days Karate competition event. These Bonaire kids in their outfit got my blushing away, attention, catching their smiling faces, to keep asking.  I got so thrilled to know more and more details. Plus  they were on my flight.

Bonaire is my baby island-(you know, Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire !), so after getting more releasing news; their chilling story here in Surinam, I knew they would come up with some big surprise.  While standing in the queue, waiting to check in I came to know how many medals they ended up with and of course a GOLD CUP.

15 medals and One Gold Cup.  So Happy for the Group and Bonaire Karate Club


After running along waiving, I got first to meet in the long queue (most  Competitive groups on their way to Home this early Sunday morning) for passport checking before get to the cozy Waiting Hall.  Slight scaring off red sweaters and sneakers outfits from Trinidad were in front on me and brought my attention to ask again.


Some chit chat you know, of course what they were up to in Suriname. So, I said carefully. ‘I saw the Bonaire group, had some information, how much yours in medals and cups’. ‘More than 10 and One bigger Gold Cup, in total 7. And Second place’. Who is the number one, I asked? SURINAM. Oh Fantastic.  Well I answered quickly, you of course Second. ‘And Curacao Third and Bonaire 4th’ place.  So Trinidad and Tobago the big Second’. Huge! Awesome.

So very inspirational all together in swift of time, I wondered. I counted how I got inspired by the country Suriname in total  4 times coming here. Carifesta, the Literature Group encounter, Javansese Batik studies and Creole African design studies. Than organizational skills with Surinamese Art centers .  Plus totally enjoyed the heavy rain fall ecactly every other day and the language Sranan. So I promised I will get through this language at 5th encounter,

So on board a total quietness, every one caught up in their own world to total relaxing. Seemed all tired but satisfied. The flight was cool.        Disembarking, through passport control,  Oh Too late a snap!

Coming into the Hall with luggage, A crowd: SURPRISE. Yeah. THE Curacao winning group on the photo. Cups, Trofee and Medals in the hand. CONGRATULATIONS CURACAO. Photo Mine quickly. Ah, too late, but …..



Asyla ten Holt/funart88




With the drag for endless trying out
to protect and maintain for the rights of the child
constantly violation with turns in commissions
one shoved a mistake in beating off another representative
put in exile, defensively in other’s eyes a cause against                              rights of that child put in law to prevent.                    

Must we drag on to believe ! From the comfort we fear                              cause a maximum representative shown a blur here.!                                      A discriminative act in front of the world as highest leader                      exposed  this example of childishness ! An hilarious kind of play           getting away with someone because of a difference in color !

A. Holt 

Funark Foundation launches New Book

Funark Foundation Initially started in 1989 by me- a visual artist-author and Holistic healer Asyla ten Holt living on the North coast of Curacao island in Dutch Caribbean- to put  Arts, Writings and Performing Arts more on the foreground.  By ways of Exhibitions, workshops and writing Articles in Newspapers,  Artists were put in spotlight in the former Netherlands Antilles, now an Autonomous island..

Recently Funark Foundation is being explored to acquire materials through sponsors for workshops, attending outdoors Art-Cultural In-Residency projects  and Fund Campaign for Launching New book and Monograph Exhibits. In this case Prose writings with full color beautiful illustration images ‘ Enliven Emotions’. (AuthorHouse).


Asyla ten Holt- a Visual Artist/Author promotes herself indoors and online. A selection of paintings can be admired and offered at her Atelier in Tera Kora area-Kaya Piedra Machu 37 in countryside of Bandabou-Curacao, inclusive on Google search-net.  Her aspiration as an observer for her community lies within the distinctive outcomes and judgments that ultimately will lead to attract in Asyla’s Art.  The addressing issues will gain mental transformation when drawing narrative aspects from a complex Contemporary Culture. To proceed, her driving force will enhance her value as citizen-artist in Dutch-Caribbean and she’ll carry on creating historical events to survive as single and self supported woman- Artist.

Within constant expectations for change, a first significant prose-book publishing (former rhythmic poem booklets and illustration works were presented in Solo-Art exhibitions), has laid down islands’ vulnerable confrontation in work-pieces to humorous creative writings. The moods from both lower- and upper trends of individuals and nature-preservatives are extracted in a segregated manner to question. The one aspect holds on to survive, struggle with emancipation and criticize corruptible functions, while at other end the feel for extraordinary comfort remains;  Keeping a total distance from what’s daily going on socio-politically on drilling arguments. It starts with the  somewhat negligence of the native tongue wanting to be on second place and the Dutch the first. Secondly as Racism is still hard to explain- the commodity in a fancy lure will justify unevenness;  As usual a divisiveness exist in conservative capitalism of richness, no matter what island’s on and off fractioned colonial identity expresses in a black community. Though an intermezzo will enter concerning ‘equality’ in all ethic identities when nature belongs to everyone, thus ultimately a fondness for feeling free is a unique form of being.

Ultimatedly Asyla’s Visual Arts and Prose writings will favor  being part of societies’ development and seek voluptuously offered choices– even if seems difficult in a strong ethnic mingled and diverse culture hungering for the same. When vulnerable identities are fully recognized inside potential promoting markets to uplift – most likely a distinguish extraction of flavored skills will comply with demand instead of create vulgar behaviors. Taken this in mind, trends in society can still continue focusing on maintain the European flair , than others the Latin American-,  the Caribbean or mixed with USA-one, the Hip-hop and fast-food included.

With promotion of the book,  Asyla wants to launch it by ways of travel (Europe-USA-Caribbean) linked with Authors’ Funark Foundation’s existence of 28 years promoting Arts/Culture. It will direct to the interest of collective traditional heritage groups in society.  This titled cover ‘Enliven Emotions’ with colored images, is focused on the ‘strength of the women’, as well ‘settled heritage’ and ‘political tradition toward somewhat gained then disrupted currency on societies’ emancipation’. Finally the ‘nostalgia’s overwhelm and excite of culture and nature’, but also the traditional flair within Black community.

This new approach, with chosen language in English prose-writing came about through interest in resource-works and daily facing facts for gaining growth and awareness. It awaits discussions and arguments in course of time. The respondent huge capitalism against mayor black vulnerable community, is not a minutes’ trajectory capture film, but employs centuries of debacle’ with controversies, skeptical heroism amongst activists and groups coming down to nowadays flexible and modest attitude still battering situations across Kingdom.

The 36 pagesEnliven Emotions’ inclusive images of photo’s and paintings can be ordered at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles,  Goodreads  and Publisher Author House-England and USA. This Prose-book was possible through receiving Grant from Prins Bernhard Funds for Dutch Caribbean.

A sponsor campaign for launching the book and travels to Surinam(Polished there) and Holland is settled by ways of offering to blog touristic activities and so forth or buy direct from the Visual Artist and Author Holt. Exquisite jewelries and monographs can be ordered as gifts and Artists’s Open house and Garden tour.  Your appointment  0-5999-5268813 (app) and or