Plan vacation project Soto-July 2020-rural area Curaçao

Concern Holiday Plan (Vacantieplan)(Dutch) in Soto-July 2020:
Coaching Project:Asyla ten Holt/Visual Artist/- Coach/Prose writer
Founder of ‘Funark’ Foundation Center/-Tera Korra- rural area Bandabou/Curacao
Promote Arts/Culture (k.v.k.reg. 109393

Dear supporter,
With this I’d like to introduce myself working with kids/adults since 80s in Creativity. I’ve studied in the Netherlands during 60s and 70s until returned to Curaçao in 1981. My families are still in Holland while my passion expressing Arts Culture was to develop with Community Centers in Curaçao to support in Arts expression and lift the self-esteem while give more meaning to diverse Creative techniques within target communities not easily having access to uplift their talents.
Since 2018 I’m occupied with the neighborhoods in Bandabou and voluntarily with few donations I help with other organizations to coach the kids, youngsters after school and elders in Community centers. The development in Soto area and Tera Cora is progressing and through my Funark Foundation together with other group-leaders we function very closely until moments’ ‘holiday plan’ (vacation-plan) that we urge for materials and possible small fee for teachers’ service
The teaching always carries on in the form of Arts therapies, developed since 2000 showing these practices of Conceptual Art to be significant for the growth of children in their learning process in these lower income surroundings that are having little abilities to expand their vision and fantasy world.
Planning structures beforehand is key to develop knowledge and prepare a project to benefit individual growth, self esteem and endurance to finishing object.
This practice is trusted by me, female artist with past academical/universities trainings from the Netherlands, while the coaching groups started in 80s coming back home and afterwards in 90’s/2000’s with institutions like Dept. of Culture, social organizations Reda sosial, Youth centers in Bonaire, while after millennium the private American Preparatory School from 2001 to 2004 as free-lance Art-teacher. Recently I noticed that neighborhoods in Bandabou have little to no Arts Creative exposures except for some sports; still, lacking good sports fields.
Coming July, together with after-school activities-leader group called Ethlyn Merkies Martis, who also organizes with the Elder-group stationed in Soto, we agreed to work together again. Due to financial problems I took responsibility to look for donation for my part coaching creativity. This will be a creative project titled: “Cultural expressions in papier-mache (installation with waste materials) and painting.portraits”. Incorporating prose writing to this project with an exhibition at the end.
The prepared project (vakantie plan) needs tools and extra materials/equipment’s and a fee to give the practices plus beverage. Funds are needed within the changing climate of the new today, while the life-setting in Curaçao has become more poor for these children and youth(elders) in Bandabou Community Neighborhoods.
But as free-lance going about give my support via my Foundation Funark, I’m very positive about change. So material support is greatly required and as a Creative-the teachers’ fee is necessary for transport costs and other obligations.
The Vakantieplan in Soto depends on Creativity. That’s why the required funding is purely necessary. For this reason, I’m approaching you and kindly request for donation of any kind. Hopefully there are Art lovers to the idea supporting low class kids to develop their talents.
My web: click on the link ‘JOIN AND SUPPORT
Mail address: or
A budget is given below:
Material: paint 6x variation a Afl. 18,- = Afl. 108,-
markers different color (packi 12,- x 6 Afl 72,-
brushes 3 different model (4 in pack)a 28- Afl. 84,-
10 medium scissors a Afl. 7,95 Afl 79,50
5 tub glues Collal (large) a afl.19,50 Afl 97,50
School measurements 10x a Afl. 4,25 Afl 45,-
Pencils 20x (4 in pack) x Afl 3,95 Afl 19,75
parce partout (decor) 6 vel a Afl 6,25 Afl 37,50

Teachers’ Fee (Vakantieplan) July:

3 to 6 =25, -an hour/3 hours a 75,x 2 = 150, –
For 4 weeks: Afl 150, -x 4 Afl. 600,-
Total invest Creative Plan Afl 1.143,25 Euro 572 $645

Hopefully, you will agree to what is requested. With receiving your donation you’ll be granted with attractive handmade colored creative bookmarks designed by myself. Below account. My mobile WhatsApp is: 059995268813
I thank you greatly for support send to:
Asyla ten Holt,

To: Vidanova Bank N.V.- Curacao (transfer via: Crown Agents Bank)
Account No: GB92CRAS60836832107401 (Eur)
F/o Beneficiary name Asyla ten Holt
Account 0011 405565 001 To transfer via: Crown Agents Bank  
Quadrant House
Sutton, SM2 5AS, United Kingdom
SWIFT address; CRASGB21

On-line banking: Also

Swiftcode of the bank: MCBKCWCU Maduro & Curiel’s Bank, Plasa Jojo Correa 2-4 Willemstad, Curaçao Account 332208810
Asyla ten Holt- Kaya Piedra Machu 37, Tera Korra, Curacao


FUNARK Promove Arte i Kultura ta un Fundashon ’89 i funda pa Asyla ten Holt, artista Plastika –  eskritora i terapista. F ta den un face-lift i lo bin ku lesnan na hoben atrobe pero den forma uniko pa 2020 via In-residensha.

Tera Korra ta bai tene OPEN HOUSE – DEMONSTRASHON i anunsia Topiko masha interesante estilo nobo di kreashon artistiko/kulturismo-konosement’i material-teknikanan i sera konosi ku bishitanan kreativo i pa otro Sentronan den Bandabou.

Funark su residensia ta na : Kaya Piedra Machu 37 (Den bario Tera Korra pasa velt bai te fin na T-kruis e borchi  Dr.Tweed bai rechts, pasa e Kasnan ansiano ku dak berde pa yega links e Kaya)

E ‘OPENHOUSE’ ta 9 di November 2019 for di 10 or mainta

i temporada pa inskribi lo ta e dia ei te ku 9 di December 2019. (Of mail si ke inskribi – of uso di e postbus ne sitio-adres)

Inskripshon gratis. 

Interes pa lesnan pa 2020 kuminsando na 

Februari lo ta Afl 5, pa luna (material, snack koi bebe) i pa 4 diasabra mainta den e luna- ora  9.30 pa 11.30 or. (ta prepara den fakansi un otro plan)

Pero prome ku esei ta invita na e Openhouse i Demonstrashon/Eksposishon di diferente material/teknikanan pa tur ku ke akudi ne lesnan di 2020. Krea Arte ta amplia bo sabiduria i hopi bon topiko lo ofrese i mas pa Bandabou.

Bo ta kordialmente invita i natural lo anunsia tambe ne Sentro di Bario Tera Korra i anunsio a bai pa Skolnan den bisindario. Lidernan di otro sentro di Barionan Bandabou tambe ta invita pa enterkambia e interes di programa varia 2020 ku artistanan invita.

Si mester mas informashon : yama na 5268813 ( Asyla ten Holt) Whasapp tambe. Lo duna mas splikashon si mester.

Muchanan foi 8 anja ta invita, – hoben i  hende grandi.

                               B O N    B I N I

Derechonan ta reserva / All rights reserved Funark production plan

Arte Palabra Kreativo

I N V I T A S H O N 







DIANAN:20 DI NOVEMBER 2019 PA HOBEN 5 PM pa 6.30    21 DI NOVEMBER 2019 PA HENDE GRANDI 10 AM pa 11.30

E N T R A D A   T A    G R A T I S

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Non-Profit foundation with Arts/Creative Plan

Request for donations

                          FUNARK FOUNDATION      starts off with previously featuring a launch perform with dramatist speaker, storyteller and writer                  

named Sombra ( Stanley Slijngaard) from Suriname for November 2019 together with an OPENING.                          


We as non-profit registered Arts-Culture Foundation ‘Funark’ in Bandabou (big agglomerated youth countryside areas)      in Curaçao support Art-Cultural Projects and cultural exchanges inviting creatives to Curaçao Dutch Caribbean.  Prior to featuring Arts Cultural Projects Plan for 2020 introducing these to the youth/adults, we have invited Mr. Sombra in November 2019 as well.

Funark center

Funark started with interviewing artists from all walks back in 1989 proceeded with offering youth-art programs and stretching to adults. Also, outdoors exchange had taken place  until recently the platform at Funark center in Tera Korra is changed to In-residence hosted by my person as Asyla ten Holt, and a senior artist/writer and holistic therapist (

We are introducing Youth Programs and give Demonstrations what to expect in coming year 2020. Therefor we have planned an OPENING on 9th of November 2019 to the neighborhood of Tera Korra and invited the nearby schools as well to be part of this event and opportunity to inscribe until 9th of December.  We are also going to introduce the plan calling on outdoors Creatives to work together and exchange Arts-Writing Cultural Projects in 2020.   And Performing Arts.                           


As a previous start what’s in the house includes an Opening and invite of Mr. Sombra to perform with his Prose in a play-way.     For  this we requested together for Funds for Travel and Accommodation IN SURINAME. In November, he is to be expected and a program demonstration is planned at this center and also Community Center Soto ( Visit to JPF Suriname association and National Library are marked as interesting site, because Mr. Sombra was co-founder of Schrijversgroep77, this founded by late Mr. Martinus Arion, famous writer from the book Dubbelspel.

This unique opportunity will be a start interacting and giving Community, especially youngsters of Bandabou an uplifting courage to participate with the lessons starting February 2020.

BEFORE this, we are uplifting the Center and ASK YOUR HELP. We need more paint materials, an outside Canopy tent 6 MTR for gatherings, 2 large tables, 6 chairs and 6 more stools, a printer and laptop, so we can be completed to start the demonstration Youth/Adults  Creative Projects as to what we offer. Also, beverages and snacks are there to share at OPENING. Welcome to you.

The Creative program involves sketching, playing with colors, crafting with recycle subjects like driftwood, beads, and collages. Furthermore, we are pleased to announce being donated with new reading Dutch books for kids from 6 and up, we received fabric canvases and crafting tools.

But we still need more brushes, markers, color-paints, scissors and glues. Also, 2 large tables, stools and chairs and printer to show the printing process after being on the laptop to do kids creative subjects.

We’d love to get these as sponsors and willing to name you in Blogging, newspaper, radio program, magazine, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for your kind gesture being able to help. We are or else satisfied with a granting financial amount from businesses.             MCB-savings account: 332208810- to Asyla ten Holt


Thank you so much for your willingness,

signed Asyla ten Holt, 

hosting creative Programs for 

Funark Promote Arts Culture in Bandabou.

Registry KvK 109393

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All rights reserved Funark production plan

Nourish body and mind

Exercising has benefits. Biking, walking, energy training, and swimming elevates the metabolism and improve energy. The endorphins in the body flow to the cells, while boosts our mood and even relieves residual stress and anxiety. Maybe a chance to let the emotions go freely if think a gradual outburst is about to come after heavy training. Let go of all weaknesses. You might want to make a sobbing sound after intensive muscles workout, using lots of breathing and let mentally tightness stroll down and let an ‘ahh’ finally come out to release.

Exercise can stimulate neurotransmitter activity in the brain, which may lead to emotional releases. They are dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine that increase or decrease in the body. Even trauma can be released.

See online: Everyday health-thyroid condition.

Sob is to cry while making sounds of distress or pain, distinguished from blubbering by the noisy intake of breath- it’s not weeping. whistle or whine.
Crying releases stress and other toxins that accumulate from negative moods like sadness and anger. And also endorphins will be released through Neuro -pathways, and lets you get a clear awareness. So practising vocal techniques in past as singers when we used to follow teacher Mr. Muthalibs’ (in Eindhoven 70’s), his instructions at the song-school was important to hold on to the breath by focusing on the belly, nose nostrils and inner throat. These memories maintaining the vocal techniques were worth holding vast on as precious learning to benefit a true voice and good breathing technique. Other older studies from ancient Persia and philosophy from Zoroaster time gave ample instructions and one of them is the sobbing exercise.

Search online:
Why Thyroid is so vital and How does the Thyroid gland work.

Revive with using your breathing techniquess. One of kind is use vowel sounds. They are the: a – e – i (ie dutch)- o (oe)- u (eu dutch). These are speech sounds you can train in ways with a sob movement.
Inhale long strokes sobbing, hold a few seconds then exhale with the sound of ‘e’ . Then follows the others, one by one. Again long snob-inhale then without the significant constriction of air flow from lungs to mouth you exhale the ‘ahh’. Don’t interrupt the airflow but keep flowing ‘until can’t go further.

Of course, on former breathing exercises on, breathing from your stomach till the air fills the lungs – shoulders and neck released and breathe out through the nose while the shoulders are still relaxed- must thoroughly be trained. Chest stays up and belly goes inside, diligently on breathing out.
A second training was about the breathing in, but this time breathe out through the mouth. Maybe 5 times each in-and-out and twice a day until you can do it 3 times a day.
The sobbing exercise you do another day when you’re not doing the normal breathing exercises.
When you’re stronger in this breathing and can keep up relaxingly, you do 7 counts inhale ( heartbeat) and 21 counts exhale through the nose. A few times. Than 21 times inhale and on rhythm relaxed 7 counts through mouth exhale. NEVER OVERDO.

Asyla Holt

Donation accepted when ask for training exercises or video sessions. Dutch Antilles/Caribbean


Stretching and breathing

Everywhere you’d go, people called you the sunshine because they would see something shining in you. A good mood maybe? Courageous, lifted up? Glowing? It’s a fact that it will glow and shine on you because you are concentrating on your body, mind and spirit. Well, doing exercise or in love maybe? But then suddenly you can be in danger as well. Because fact is otherwise, life can be as naughty as dwelling in a dark night intoxicating wrong habits. And nightingale must boost up you again ten thousand times later with rosary prayers guide to discourage going to bad ways.. But creepy persons are around and how would you go and protect yourself and suddenly misunderstand and interpret situations you suddenly can’t figure out any more. Sorrow becomes your worst enemy and you can’t hide it so it will sound like becoming pitiful and you have a life time ahead of you still to endure. You have to figure it out by yourself at certain moment. But gladly there are ample good solutions. With all the studies and self-realization you can structure your life- at least try out something that comforts gradually.

And that’s the easy technique starting with using your breath to release stress and cultivate a self-constructive mind and be reliant in everything you do. The technique of the breathing system can be practised while included exercising, loving a person, eating your breakfast, sitting still, and so on.

Many times in my life I’ve met people during the practice of bodyworks being therapist and having short conversations where one way or other the breathing system comes to attention.. Since noticing a big gap in its knowledge not practicing it, I introduced sessions with stretching and breathing.. Getting easy instruccion and importance of breathing is absent therefor needs a lot of attention. With loving the practical side in holistic therapies as a certified in bodyworks, even though I have enough of it, I’d still look for more information to skill myself more. On many occasion the breathing introduction- as widely and in diverse ways – was being explored since involved with it from on 60’s. A close Hindu Yogi family friend at home came every time he visited Curacao. My father was involved with their families’ meditation sessions of Yoga and my mother did exercises to strengthen her breathing system since then. From the four children I was the one curious to know what was happening on the floor while practicing stretching movements. That’s where the interest started developing. While in Holland end of 60’s starting 70’s I picked up more on self-realization exercises from different studies in Eindhoven and every aspects to do with holistically improvements. Meditations and balancing the diet came more to the foreground until later in 70’s I started making acquaintance with organizations called ‘Onze wereld’ and involved myself with Dutch student groups living on Community farms that introduced biological growth and macrobiotic food and recipe. I also learned how they were paying attention to farms in Latin America where exploitation and badly payed farmers were being attended.. So in Holland those days, trusting organizations were selling their products like Guatemalan Coffee and provided direct contaxt for better treeatment or demanded more attention to the farmers landowners that were being exploited by rich capitalism. I never knew what was going on when in my own country, an island above Venezuela until in Holland I became more aware of pressure and harm being done with humane struggle in LA.

Proceeding on my path, I came to one particular organization I blindly believed in. It concerned the interest for secretion system – most of all the gland system and breathing techniques from old Egyptian practices introduced by Dr. Zar-Adusht Hanish- founder of a religious movement ‘Mazdaznan’- these were practised since pharaoh time. I’d follow these as health revival system and integrated my former and further practices including Yoga, Reiki, Shiatzu and other bio energy systems in one integrated program. A personal rhythmical stretch and breathing system came out of these.. It concerned an overall self-realization method starting with yourself and on long run with others to connect. The big apple conclude tasting the behavioral attitude everyone needs to confront with and change own bad habits.. First place was how you release your breath at all times than change diet and ultimate become self-aware spiritually,

Finally with tasting another skill- the Visual Arts/Photography and Textile studies in Holland put under my feathers, I still felt I wasn’t ready with the healing part and looked for more holistic endeavors. In the 80’s I found ‘Touch for Health’ and Muscle testing while on and off to Holland from Curacao and Bonaire. Kinesiology was somewhat including in my-study. The practical way going around with these fitted well until I had to practice on the Arts on the islands, because alternative healing had few interest those days., So surviving became turn to the Arts profession. Halfway 90’s the ‘giving light’ method came into my world unexpectedly. First Mahikari-practicing in Miami- a Japanese healing practice resolving clutter from the inner body. Than through economical situation nearing millenium, I thouht try becoming massage therapist and studied at Massage Institute. Afterwards Reiki -mastering this skill at Piramidtop in Curacao and all was completed. Arts kept me busy though and secondly combining Healing and Arts turned in coaching kids programs next to stretching and breathing in private session.

The youth becomes very important nowadays to visualize upon their intelligence functioning attitude. Especially with technology we ask questions and see bullying attitudes -anger, immorality, undepressed by their own parents and so forth. And introducing therapeutic treatments is a BIG must to materialize to make capacities work in their talents. How to use good breathing at all times for good functioning of attitude and uplifting behavior.

Coming to the Pituitary producing hormone Gland (Hypophysis, it does the most important work for overall health and its task is to regulate each gland hormones and bloodstream. When becoming familiar with gland exercises you develop self-awareness, acceptance and rejuvenation. Career is not only having knowledge to younger people but also capabilities, behaviors and correct judgements.

The Pituitary Gland in the brain, is a small endocrine gland – a tiny structure like a big pea on the side-part of head. It navigates substances and regulate like the thyroid (schildklier) untill even lower parts like estrogen/progesterone produce. That’s why the necessity using good breathing system for this one. Like a washing machine to optimize cleanliness. So also your inner self. Instead swimming to the habit of excessive alcohol and drugs, you can weary away your anxiety by touching the natural structure and come to self-awareness means to be self-aware. Sense the nervous system functioning – become vigilant regarding the in-and outer secretion and master the breathing techniques to realize good functioning of body, mind and spirit. Good advice how to breathe came a long way in different TIMES to the people. The Diaphragmatic breathing system (onderlijf diagram)-Effective breathing for back pains, for depressiveness, toxic exposures, virus , and even for victims after national disaster and also violence.

Breathe and Heal.

To integrate body, mind and spirit we live in scary danger now because of bad social systems in societies and political attitudes. Certain religion believes that Yoga exercises -a simple Eastern pattern in health strategy – is witchcraft. But through (Yogic) stretch and breathing system people have been cured. We live with short breath. Hollow and breathing through the mouth and get sick. Bacteria overrule us, making us to adapt to strong medicine.

Exercise: What to do when confronting argument or aggression if you see that it leads to nowhere. Breathing exercises will do the work while you’re on such discussion. It will help a lot. Through breathe long strokes in and out will bring your mind on a level up awareness. The nervous system will come to equilibrium through pay attention to your breathing. It will canalize in accordance to the trigger follow-up of the hypophysis in the brain areas. It’s a kind of web structure to communicate through trigger system and nurses the energy supply to other glands and nervous system like an engine does in a car sending the fuel through electrical currents to get to drive. First attention goes to the brain structure for mindful awareness and then to feed other parts like thymus gland (bortbeen), gland at solar plexus, sex gland, adrenal gland (bijnier) these principle ones. Our enduring life depends on good functioning of the gland system- distributing and interacting. to prevent having bad moods, chronical illness, like shivers and rheumatism and even severe sicknesses. Old age symptoms can be controlled only by deep breathing and with rhythmic measuring exercises./. The magnetic fluid in nerve system will be better controlled.

So with perhaps confronting a harsh boss always think himself super hero, keep the mind calm and do these simple breathing exercises. No one needs to notice what you are doing at particular moment. Stay relaxed but you are vigilant to the conversation that is getting on between the two of you. Breathe in while your shoulders stay relaxed and not strain. Downwards them and a little to the back and let the neck stay released as well. Prevent double chin.. Breathe in through your nose of course and fill your belly button by expanding it a little. Fill it with air un-noticed until let it slowly pass up to fill the lungs as well and expand the lungs somewhat so the air gets everywhere in there. Try calmly and rhythmically count to 7 than breathe out slowly with mouth closed until 7, than again inhale and if you can add up more counts, you go 8 than 9 until maybe 15 to 16 counts, even 20. It depends how good you can hold doing this breathing. Breathe out and easily control the shoulders to stay down and released while the chest stays lifted up and the tummy (belly) goes slowly in (every drop air gets out). After some counts in and out, you approximately inhale and when with exhaling you let the air out through the mouth. When no one is there you can do it a little more harshly, like ahhhh. Train yourself when early morning on the bed, in the shower and so on. SO in meantime confronting a harsh person – you will sense the right answers or questions to give. Because in your rest position you can handle mostly everything. A promptly adequate awareness comes to mind to confront the situation in an appropriate way so you can question reasonably. Soon you’ll see the other person in front of you calm down as well. So keep training and exercising this. Sometimes people get chest pains, not for long. Go on a rhythm and repeatedly. You’ll manage on the long run. And no hurry, but calm. Take your time. Stretch long if suddenly you need to do this after a few minutes when ready.

Asyla ten Holt

For group sessions:

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Long living, right breathing.

We constantly need to remind ourselves to do more body works and pay attention mentally to unleash daily worries and change is needed for wrong habits. In fact, too much time and money is spent on treatments but still attending health programs is necessary since encouragement can enhance our daily health.

Sighing, yearning and groaning, laughing and weeping are life saving reflexes and abilities to free toxins from the body.

The one very important subject and fact but not easy to remember to interest are how to maintain the breathing technique. Before treating overall body functions we need to consider that good breathing is necessary to obtain the flow of inner care. It’s not the air we breathe in for relaxing but also to let oxygen do the fine works fuelling the inner secretion while we breathe out every section toxins and waste from our inner body. Our inner self needs to catalyze its pure energy and therefore opportunity arises to maintain the healthy nervous system, organs, and glands.

But also important are the moral, ethical and spiritual reliabilities for mindful thinking. And a good breathing system works well in development to exercising in harmonic and vibrational order and to maintain a rhythm. Easy exercises are thus necessary and the right way to breathe in- and out and unleash literally lots of baggage from mind and body.

Breathe in from the belly button and slowly let the air go into the lungs while expanding the breast. Let the shoulders stay released. Breathe out while the chest stay lift up and the belly button is pinned in.

A series of thoughtful and easy breathing exercises are shown with time on and for a deeper knowledge of interest, personal practices in groups are being offered. Can mail to – available for the islands in Caribbean and abroad.

Asyla ten Holt studied the breathing exercises in various holistic centers including the ‘fasting and feeding and power of breathing’ – residing in Holland, U.S. and Curacao since the ’70s and trained next to her visual arts and body works on herself and others. Also many rhythmical techniques to teenagers with social problems in Holland in the past. In the beginning, coming back from Holland to Curacao, and Bonaire, Asyla practiced kids in community centers next to her arts and after a while also visitors on islands resorts with applauding results. She developed a yogic breathing system next to ancient Egyptian exercises to benefit while attending as a certified therapist and added breathing advises to clients who came for body treatments. Now she decided to go back to her rhythmically studies and practices to offer breathing techniques together with movements. (Arts/Writing)

2019 creative 40 years

Asyla ten Holt, a 66 turned native from Curacao-the Dutch Antilles, is a female soul artist that fully creates in Fine Arts/Photography Textile/Installation and Craft next to Writing and Healing. Coming back from Holland in 1981, a fascination grew to sketch every corner of the ABC islands and taste back her Culture. Through her constant being spotted at sites, the name ‘ E mucha ku ta pinta’ was born. This in native Papiamentu meant for ‘the girl that paints’.                                                           


Arts: During her 15 years of stay in Holland, Asyla’s last study in 1979 was attending classes at the Visual Art Academy in Eindhoven. She would occasionally return for more diverse studies during 80’s and 90’s included Healing centers like Touch for Health when back to Antilles. An ultimate Conceptual study was in 1999 to 2000 in Tilburg Holland with Dutch Scholarship. While in the Caribbean, Asyla went to Art Student League-’85 with American society Funds during her years coaching Art Programs in Bonaire and Curacao. During ’80s and ’90s the activities were Art fairs and Exhibits in the Antilles also in Holland and Germany. After the millennium Asyla had specific interest for healing therapies and functioned as body work therapist plus offered an Art teacher posision at the Private American-Curacao Preparatory school –‘01 until ‘04.                            While on the practise, the creative method from Still life grew to Surrealistic onto mix media and recycling to self-designing Monographs and Installation.

Creative Writing: Gradually the narrative part grew parallel to the Arts and from rhythmic Poetry the interest turned to Prose writing, researching her surrounding and globally to rehearse and incorporate the healing part. Her messages became long lines metaphoric in style with humoristic approach.    40 years in a span as a Creative and now a senior meant not quitting but continuing as an Asyla Holt.                                                              Her daily importance is working on awareness projects ( and exchange in In-residence with Arts Cultural topics ( and Ghana and Surinam are first sites from where Essays came forth to compare illustrating researches on social, traditional and Arts Writing. This customary characteristic dynanism of hers is found from the time being a founder of Funark in ‘89, a nonprofit foundation where Asyla interviewed Artists and coaching groups to help lift up in society in proceeding Arts- Culture. And since her trips to Barbados Gift and Craft shows from ’05 to ‘08, the benefitting part to a new style approach arose with Textile designing and Monographs. These including Ghana’s batik technique which came years later. This also meant discovery of the diaspora and encouragement of narrative to change and attending the Renaissances’ Creative Writing style with Callaloo studies in 2012 in Rhode Islands proceeded.   Her inner instinct evolved into Arts/Prose and healing subjects and merged together with designed Installation.                                                                                                                                                            Other activities are stretching, reading, writing, music and blogging while her Projects are to be realized with Funds.                                                                       Art exhibits are with Galleries in Curacao: De Snip Arts-Alma Blou (Jewelries&Fairs), Bloemhof (Photographs/Fairs) to Artshows in ’97 in Sonesta- Dive Lions Hotel and Arts University-’98- in Curacao Museum 2004 and 2013 group – World Trade Center 2001 and 2015 and Art-Duo at National Library 2016 . Bonaire Youth Center 80’s and Bonaire Art Gallery ‘97- Bonaire Kas di Arte 2009 and Coaching programs.- Groups exhibit on ABC -islands 2012-2013. Arts at Gallery Bremmer in Tilburg ‘91- Werkstatt Bremen and Berlin 97′ and Antillean House The Hague.                           Book Launching Programs and Monographs 2017 Surinam, Bonaire (with group) and The Hague/Holland. 2018 Trade show in Curacao Hilton for recycling attitude with Installation. 2019 Landhouse Collages Klein Sta.Martha  and Art Martket Livingstone Resort                   (revised until 2012) and recent website Blogsite:  
Funark info : Asyla ten Holt with mailing address: